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Gay Israeli Military Officer: Join Me In Pride, As We Fight The Banning Of Soldiers

NCAA Wrestling Champion Mike Pucillo Comes Out As Gay

Ruggedness on DudesNude

Menashe BD on DN

Candles or no candles...I will blow...

Actor Tyler Hoechlin Reveals Impressive ‘Buns Of Steel’ In His Superman Costume

....Henry Cavill...

"Put a shirt on!" It's a pretty common thing said to me. It makes me wonder- Is it because I was born Female that so many people insist having my shirt off is me being 'topless'? ••••• Cis-men walk around daily, post IG posts, FB, Snapchat, all of it- and are seen as 'ok' no matter the age, size, color, anything- to have a shirt off. But once Transmen who work their ass off the AFFORD Top Surgery start posting shirtless photos- it's now seen as 'too much' or 'topless'. ••••• I don't wear a shirt in the Summer time mostly because I work daily in my studio with no a/c and only a garage door as my 'window'. It's hot, humid, and damn I work my tail off! Plus, I paid good money to have this surgery done to feel more in my skin, why wouldn't I want to be proud of that accomplishment?! ••••• But we continue to tell Transmen to 'Put a shirt on'. ••••• I say- TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF! You aren't too fat. You aren't too skinny. You aren't not 'manly' enough. You aren't too black or too white. You aren't post-op? Who cares?! You are female identifying? Who cares?! •••• I say #freethenipple! Or maybe you don't even have nipples?! Let those non nipple chests out of their cages! ••••• STOP letting people make you feel SHAME because you are confident in yourself enough to be shirtless. ••••• Let the bare chests FREE!! #Ftm #loveyourself #itsfreakinghot #summertime #freethenipple #femaletomale #transgender #stopshamingnow #topsurgery #femaletomale #alionsfears #aydiandowling


beim Kitty Berlin

Tussy Lounge Berlin

Shri Rahul Gandhi
Constituency from which I am elected
Father's Name
Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi
Mother's Name
Smt. Sonia Gandhi
Date of Birth
19 Jun 1970
Birth Place
Maritial Status
Date of Marriage
No. of Children
No.of Sons:0   No.of Daughters:0
State Name

Deserted houses for the athletes in the former Olympic Village for the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

View of the swimming pool in the 1936 Olympic village in Elstal, west of Berlin. The village, which housed over 4.000 athletes for the notorious 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, then under Nazi rule, was used as barracks for the German army shortly afterwards, and from 1945 as barracks for Russian officers, until the Russian army's final withdrawal in 1992. 

The disused bobsled track from the Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics is seen on Mount Trebevic, near Sarajevo, September 19, 2013. Abandoned and left to crumble into oblivion, most of the 1984 Winter Olympic venues in Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo have been reduced to rubble by neglect as much as the 1990s conflict that tore apart the former Yugoslavia.

Enter our factory,
live your fetish fantasy,
show us who you want to be & enjoy this unique party...

Get ready for KINKED !!!

Robert Mapplethorpe Children's Museum Celebrates Grand Opening

Sebastian Verschuren

Adam Hagenbuch

The Temptation Of Saint Baz (Portraits Of Self)

Did you know May is National Masturbation Month?


Colin Kaepernick


....I see you baby,shakin. that ASS...

Nicolas Dalby You're welcome. It's the least I could do!

 Dominic Adams

Artist Spotlight: Fernando Bayona